Dairy free?

Luna had first choking episode on Sunday September 25th
Went dairy free Monday September 26th
Episodes stopped on Friday October 7th (12 days later).
Zantac was started on Thursday 9/29 and taken for 8 days but nothing changed. Weaned to one dose from Friday 10/7 until Thursday 10/13 until Dr. said I could stop the meds.
In total Luna took Zantac for 2 weeks.

It seems like the diary free diet helped because I was told it could take 2 weeks to see results. The choking stopped after 12 days of dairy free. The medication was supposed to "kick in" after 3 days but nothing changed. Luna still has bad gas. Last night I had fish which I ordinarily don't eat and green beans. I'm wondering if I should cut out legumes to see if she's sensitive to that was well.

36 weeks

Lots to cover with this post! Over the weekend I had my baby showers at Robin's house and at the Wine and Cheese gallery. My mom came to stay with us all the way from Georgia, Mary and Chad were also able to make it. Lindsay came too which was great! The biggest surprise was that Jimmy and Lyon came on Sunday and completely surprised me! I haven't seen him in a year, he just got back from the middle east. It was such a wonderful surprise :) Kate also drove all the way up from Vero. I haven't spent that much time with my my friends since I got pregnant. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by my loved ones for the weekend. Robin went above and beyond as she always does. The theme was beach/nautical so I dressed as a hula dancer which was a very easy, last minute costume. She handmade jelly fish and a little photo booth. She made homemade strawberry cupcakes and snacks that looked like sea creatures like a crab and rainbow fruit salad kabobs. She's my idol...she does it all with a smile and such humility. It's amazing.

James and I had our two doctors appointments already this week. Dr. Walsh checked my cervix and it's already 2cm dilated and 80% effaced! She was very happy with that b/c if I am induced that should really help the process b/c my body seems to be preparing itself. We saw Dr. Fareed this morning and everything continues to look good. The baby's heart rate was a little fast b/c she was moving so much but that didn't seem to concern the doctor. It was around 150ish. I stayed home today b/c I honestly just felt like it...it's been hard getting the energy to work. Even though I'm mostly indoors it's still exhausting and it makes my body hurt to stay seated. My pregnancy has definitely gotten harder with these last few weeks. I can't really exercise b/c Dr. Walsh doesn't want my blood pressure getting too high. Even when I walk leisurely I swell a lot in my ankles. I'm ready to have Luna b/c it's getting hard to be so big! I've gained 40 lbs so I'm so excited to shed the water weight and get back to myself. I've also been feeling a lot more positive about Luna's health. I haven't been worried about it, I think the shower really helped distract me and also just having time to process everything and get used to seeing doctors so often. We won't be able to truly assess her until she's born but if its what they think it is which is that she's just a small healthy baby, she'll be absolutely fine! I'm convinced she's grown a lot more too so I'm looking forward to the next growth visit. I'm really hoping she'll be over 5lbs when she's born. I'm getting her nursery ready too and that's been very exciting. I should be getting the glider tomorrow...I Can't wait! We received her stroller, car seat, and pack & play. Just waiting for the curtains, tie backs, glider, crib sheet/bumper, and changing table. Can't wait until I get all those things...hopefully it'll be soon.

Specialist update

James and I went to our growth scan this morning at 8:00am. Despite my efforts my blood pressure was once again through the roof. Luckily it went down by the time I left the visit. When we got there the u/s tech seemed very pleased with how active the baby was. She also commented her her heart rate was "perfect" at 135 beats per minute! She then measured that her abdomen grew quite a bit since our last visit and we learned that it went from the 4th percentile to the 7th. I was worried about her femer bone which looked like it was 2-3 weeks behind and less than 1 percent but Dr. Fareed didn't even mention it. She said she was most concerned with the baby's belly at this point. She was very happy that she's gained weight. She went from 4.2 lbs to 4.11 lbs in 13 days. At this point she's supposed to gain half a pound per week so I'm really hoping she breaks 5 lbs before she's born. I think she'll be between 5 and 6 lbs. Dr. Fareed said that at this point she's not looking at all of her body parts but her body as a whole and since she's growing she's very pleased. She also said that she still doesn't think Luna has a chromosomal abnormality or mutation b/c she doesn't have any of the features in her face or bone structure (Thank GOD). My fluid level and the blood flow through her umbilical cord also looked great! So...we still don't know why she's small but thank God she's happy and healthy so far. The other two heart issues that were featured on my health care summary also "cleared up" according to Dr. Fareed. She said that they'll re-evaluate the possibility of induction after my next growth scan. I told her that I would much rather go into labor naturally and she agreed that would be ideal. If she's still doing well in utero there is definitely no reason to induce. I have an appointment with Dr. Walsh tomorrow at 4:30pm so we'll see what her thoughts are about everything. I'm feeling much more at peace and I knew in my heart that he was and is growing. I also have a feeling that she won't need to be induced at all but I want to do what's best for her, so we'll have to see. I feel very thankful to God for answering our prayers and helping James and I cope with the madness thats ensued over the last few weeks. I have faith in our baby and I KNOW she's going to be a-okay.

Last things last

What's left for the rest of my semester:

Case presentation
Psychopathology exam #2
SW eval exam #2
Paper parts 1&2 due
Quiz #3 Family Violence
Psych final exam
Clinical vignettes
Multiple choice questions

That seems like a lot for only 2 weeks left. Shit.

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I'm excited...just received my first grant scholarship for next fall and spring..$1,000! Hopefully I'll get more that I applied for :D

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I considering writing research papers to be a fucking art form. They take so incredibly long to establish. First you must find reputable research, pick through it with a fine comb, and select which articles you are to use. Bear in mind you must have at least 10 references. You go through that process again within the articles you chose. You basically examine the information so carefully that you have no choice but to know everything about your topic. Next, you must write the damn paper. This is a whole other can of worms. Organize your paper. Subjects, sub-subjects. And the process beings again...pick the fucking thing APART! As much as I appreciate my ability to whip out an "A" responsive paper....research gives me a whole lot more to work for. It's hard. However, I've become a much better writer and critical thinker. I've been writing this paper all day and I only have 5 pages. I've met my match. Kelly vs. Research paper. I think I got this! Not due until April 2nd.